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Music, Visual Art, and More!
Pristine Vinyls From Yesteryear And Brand New Artists. Our Art Market Is Full Of Wonderful New Work From Our Visual Artists
Welcome to our full service Music market!

Come on in browse our eclectic mix.

Pristine 25 year old Vinyls, brand new Cd's from our new talents.

A full merchandise service for musicians who need another avenue for sales.

Artists that have that certain something.... we provide a market for their work!

Vinyls, CDs, VHS and DVDs...

All pristine and nothing secondhand

Artists who have been out there playing music for years...

We're searching their attics to find their early beginnings!

Their first vinyls, their first CDs... their first VHS and DVDs!

We also search out the young ones, the new talent

the inventive and thepassionate... trying to be heard and seen.

So keep checking in!

We promise you will be rewarded for the time you spend!

We will even take your merchandise to sell on the road.

Use laceysjamto promote your music whether it is for one show or an entire tour.

Finally this is what it's really all about enjoying music.

Danny Thompson



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