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CD - Jem Turpin & Toph Smith Winter In Spain
All Songs Written and Recorded in the Moutains of Andalucia


CD - Toph Smith - Sweet Jesus
Sweet Jesus - Toph Smith All songs written by Toph Smith

"I felt as if I was lost in the mists of obscurity until recently when I was doodling with a song that I was working on and a group of friends were listening and loved it.
I then played them some of my other tracks with the same response.
I have always composed music for Film, TV and Radio but they got me thinking, why not release my songs to the big wide world as well?
**So here it is big production, great lyrics, 12 great musicians......***


CD - Turpin & Walker Ain't No Stoppin' Now
Jem Turpin - Harmonica and Vocal
Jez Walker - Cigar-Box Guitar, Guitar, Vocals & Second Harmonica
Released June 2015


CD - Is You Is -Nightshift Trio
Jem Turpin, Simon Shaw and John Ballard have worked really hard and here it is their new release. If you are unlucky and cannot get to see this band live then this is the very next best thing you can do. The price includes Postage and Packing Worldwide. Thank you and have fun with it all ;-) Laceysjam


CD - John Pearson - Guitar Rag
John Pearson Vocals. Guitar and Footboard
Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Harvey Summers at


CD - John Pearson- Wicked Messengers - Coal In The Soul
John Pearson Vocals, Guitar and Footboard
Jem Turpin - Vocals, Harmonica
Liam Genockey - Vocals, Drums
Colin Gibson - Vocals, Electric Bass
Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Harvey Summers at


CD - Buick 6 - Live At The Telegraph

What we've all been waiting for ***A New Just Released Live 2007 Buick 6 Album***.


CD - Guano Poundhammer - People Who Are Dead & Don't Know That They Are
Vocals, Guitar: Jack Pound
Music Arrangement: Colin Gibson
Lyrics: Clive Gardener, Jack Pound
Back Up Vocals: Claire Hamill ;tracks 5,6,8,10 and 13
Liane Carrol: Track 14
Produced and Engineered by Bird Guano
'From the stuttering faux-funk of opener ‘Carnival of hearts’ this hypnotic record draws you into a netherworld of poisoned dreams and half-remembered nightmares; the effect is akin to someone obsessively turning the radio dial in some acid rain-drenched dystopia of a futuristic film noir but failing to find anything to soothe the troubled soul.
The theme of modern society’s shiny facade, diverting us from the human cesspit that festers beneath, is not a new one but has rarely been so convincingly executed.
Stylistically diverse, lyrically blade-sharp and peppered with voices – some muttering, some incantory, some cheering and some in the form of eerie, ethereal backing vocals, the album is infused with a highly invective soundwash.
Throughout, Jack Pound sings/talks like a man who’s really lived the life and Colin Gibson’s arrangements would flummox musicians half his age, but who exactly is Cole Hammer -The man from paranormal?
Their first Album ‘Domestic Bliss’ was merely excellent, this is truly exceptional.
Sleep well children.'
Phil Wright – Manchester Free Press


CD - Guano Poundhammer - Domestic Bliss

'At a time when distinguishing one group's work from the next is increasingly hard, it's refreshing to encounter two musicians for whom imagination is not a dirty word'-Phil Wright. Arts Review. Manchester Free Press

SO true in 1999 and sadly in 2008 thank goodness for those who search out the eclectic........

Check out some of the tracks here. But remember to return to our market stall and pay with Pay Pal - Simple


CD - Jack Pound - Low Profile

In 1998 after a lengthy absence from the music scene Jack collaborated with fellow writer Clive Gardener and recorded and released an acoustic roots music album aptly titled - Low Profile

Andy Cheyne writing in Folk Roots Magazine described it as 'Somewhere in the manic territory inhabited by Napolean X1V and the legendary Stardust Cowboy

Jack Pound - Vocals. Guitar, Banjo, Harmonica

Colin Gibson - Fender Bass, Drums

Kenny Craddock - Accordian

Steve Cook - Violin

Jo Newman - Backing Vocals

Check out some of the tracks with Jack Pound. **But remember to return to our market stall and pay with Pay Pal - Simple**


CD - Jack Pound - LowPool Music

Colin Irwin Melody Maker - reviewing albums by 'undiscovered bands'

Now then..Jack sounds like the sort of guy you don't mess with. The kind of guy who goes his own way, irrespective of fashion, commercial appeal and even popularity; the character who blows huge record contracts by refusing to change one note of an intro. for fear of compromise......

His astonishingly individual style stretches across all manner of parameters, from sounding vaguely like Michael Chapman on the brilliant 'Low Pool Music' to Shakin' Stevens on** 'My Own Man'; elsewhere Guy Clark and Ry Cooder appear to be bigger influences.

**My Own Man was not selected for the final cut of "Low Pool Music" Album


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