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One of my most exciting discoveries just by a quirk of fate. I had been listed incorrectly in a Contact Magazine as 'Management'. I often get young bands sending Cd's/EP's to ask me what I could do to help them. I always listen to the material I receive, but this time, I went on to call Sam and say 'sorry but I'm not management but I really appreciate your music'. That was around 2005 and now Sam is still there and still performing and recording.

There are other artists who recognise the wonderful lyrics which Sam writes. Tom Baxter and Sam collaborated on 'Better' a track on Toms' Album 'Skybound'

in 2008 Boyzone recorded their cover of 'Better'. Boyzone Greatest Hits-including Sam and Toms 'Better' available at Amazon

***‘Better’ was used to play out ITN’s closing montage of their coverage of Harry & Meghan's wedding.

Sam wrote this song a few years ago with the great Tom Baxter, and it was originally performed at his and Henri's wedding in a little village hall that cost £5 to hire!


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Ben Tyzack: guitar, vocals & harmonica

When Ben was seven years old his family moved from London to Iowa, USA. After five years his family moved to Charleston, South Carolina. It was in the deep south where he heard the likes of Big Bill Broonzy and Doc Watson. He was brought up in a musical family. His dad plays trumpet and his Mother (Patsy Tyzak) plays ragtime piano. In 1980 Ben moved to Atlanta, Georgia to further his musical career before returning to the UK in 1986. Lucky UK what a talented musician. Ben formed the Spikedrivers in 1992 and contines to develop the bands sound and his songwriting.

Constance Redgrave: bass Guitar, vocals and percussion:

From Hollywood, California, Constance learned her craft at the Musicians Institute of Technology in Los Angeles. Her first arrival in the UK was with 'Christian Death' and again we are blessed because she decided to stay with us!

Maurice McElroy: drums, vocals and percussion:

According to Blueprint Magazine Maurice is a "veteran blues drummer", Maurice originally hails from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Nicknamed 'The Groove Meister' by the Earl Green Band. His credits include Otis Grand, Guitar Shorty, Wes McGhee and many more.

Paul Crockford, Dannys Management


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Danny's Facebook

Met Danny and Sylvie in the early 70's and have been friends ever since. Watching and listening to Danny on stage is a joy not to be missed so, whenever you see he's playing, travel as far as it takes to get there!

At fifteen Danny was playing tea chest bass at regular gigs at the Skiffle Cellar and the Kings Head Pub in London's Gerrard Street. He graduated to Double Bass when he met an old man, about eighty five years old who sold him 'Victoria' for five pounds! They've been together ever since.

After 50 years plus as a professional Danny is regarded as a genius by musicians and music fans alike.


Photo Credit: Annie Solomon


I first experienced Jems amazing harmonica when he joined with my friend Liam Genockey and of course 'The John Pearson Band' and later 'Nightshift Band'.

Jem plays with many musicians and has an ability to understand the soul of their music and introduce his own feeling with his melodic notes. This is a rare ability and I look forward to more gems.

Jem has been a professional musician for many years and there are 'Jem and Louis Turpin Golden Oldies' (My Title!) which were recorded originally on tape and I did get one album transferred to CD 'Life After Lunch' which is a treasure!

His music is truly inspiring and I can say I have never experienced such a variety of sounds coming from the harp!

As a harmonica player and vocalist Jem has recorded for television, film and radio. He has also recorded on a number of production library albums. The most recent being; Twisted Country (2010), and Devils and Demons (2011) - both for West One Music, and The Blues Sessions; Harps and Keys (2012) Loopmasters.

Other cd appearances in 2012 include John Pearson and the Wicked Messengers' album, 'Coal in the Soul', Toph Smith's album 'Sweet Jesus..." and Claire Hamill's latest cd which was released in October 2012.

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I met Marc through Richard Thompson, he is an old friend of Richards and they have known each other since the 70's those wonderful years when anything was possible you just had to go for it and have loads of talent too!

Here's that bio I have been waiting for! Thank you Marc.

Marc Ellington is a singer / songwriter whose performances and recordings made a significant contribution to the development of Folk/Rock. His collaborations with members of the Byrds, Fairport Convention and the Flying Burrito Brothers forged an important link between leading musical innovators on both sides of the Atlantic.

In the late 1960 and 70, Marc recorded 6 solo LP's and contributed to recordings by many other artists including amongst others Richard and Linda Thompson, Fairport Convention and Matthews Southern Comfort.

Marc, who is the Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Aberdeenshire, lives atTowie Barclay Castle in the North East of Scotland. No longer performing, he now serves on the board of a number of Cultural and Heritage organisations and is involved in a range of major conservation and restoration projects throughout the UK and abroad.


Photo Credit: Annie Solomon
I'm proud to say that I have known Liam since the early seventies. He is my adoptive 'brother' so I am a little biased!

Liam is truly one of the most versatile drummers you will ever see. Watching him play the wide array of styles, feels and atmospheres is an absolute joy. I'ts like watching a picture in motion and the sounds are amazing.

Liam's experience and longstanding commitment to playing music from right across the spectrum has earned him the reputation as one of the most original drummers on the music scene today.

Currently, in addition to working with 'Rude' and the 'Annie Whitehead Experience', Liam is a member of Steeleye Span and Buick Six. ***Buy their latest Album BUICK 6 LIVE AT THE TELEGRAPH here***

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He is also a member of 'Nightshift' and Pass The Cat. and the legendary blues with the John Pearson Blues and Beyond

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His unique approach has enhanced the recordings of many musicians, notably Gerry Rafferty, John Martyn, Ian Gillan ‘Deep Purple’ Paul Brady, Bonnie Rait, Van Morrison, Mark Knopfler, Curtis Stigers, Shoron Shannon, The Hothouse Flowers, Sinead O'Conner, Mike Heron,Incredible String Band, Richard and Linda Thompson, and The Penguin Cafe Orchestra. He has also been involved in other diverse musical journeys with Elton Dean, Kevin Ayres, Lol Coxhill, Fred Frith, Keith and Julie Tippetts, Harry Beckett and the Robert Wyatt project Soupsongs.

In 1976, he toured and recorded with alto saxophonist Trevor Watts and his various Amalgam lineups, In 1990 he toured the USA, Canada, Mexico and Venezuela with a Moire Music offshoot which was a seven piece African-based Drum Orchestra.



Photo Credit: Annie Solomon

I have had the joy of watching and listening to Colin since I returned to the UK in the early nineties. He and Liam Genockey are a duo made in Music Heaven.

Buick 6. ***Buy their latest Album BUICK 6 LIVE AT THE TELEGRAPH here***

****Buy Nightshift's Latest Release ****'UNDER THE BASEMENT'***

and 'Nightshift' and Pass The Cat and the legendary blues with the John Pearson Blues and Beyond

Buy John Pearson's amazing CD's here

Colin has been a professional musician since the late sixties, when he founded cult psychedelic band Skip Bifferty. Their first album recorded in 1967 for RCA records, which featured in Record Collector’s Top 40 psychedelic albums has recently been repackaged and released by Sanctuary Records together with single releases and John Peel sessions as “The Story of Skip Bifferty”. Check out our Market stall for a copy of the Skip Bifferty remaster released by Acme Deluxe Series in 2001

Since then he has worked with many international artistes including Ginger Baker, Van Morrison, Shirley Bassey, Yes, Alvin Lee, Stefan Grossman, Bert Jansch, Alan Hull of Lindisfarne, Charles Mingus’ drummer Danny Richmond and Reggae legend Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry in England, Ireland, USA, Europe, Mexico, Canada, South America, Jamaica and Africa.

In 1984, with the late Kenny Craddock he began composing music for TV series such as Little Armadillos (for which he also co-wrote the script, with The Comic Strip’s Pete Richens), Small World a dramatisation of the David Lodge novel and Upline by Howard Schuman.

Colin also collaborated with Jack Pound and calling themselves 'Guano Poundhammer' they released the gem of diversity 'Domestic Bliss' in 1999. Buy now but if you would like to listen to some tracks first visit Guano Poundhammer. But remember to return to our market stall and pay with Pay Pal - Simple

He later branched into film, the most recent being Kevin of the North featuring Leslie Neilson. He currently plays with long time drum partner Liam Genockey in Buick 6, Pass the Cat, Nightshift and John Pearson’s Blues & Beyond.

His Graphic design work includes covers for The Blockheads (Where’s the Party?, Mona) and Liane Carroll and he also designed the Sundog logo.

His collaboration with Artist Alan Rankle on video installation and prints began in early 2005, and includes exhibits in Denmark, Finland and UK.



I first met Jim Moray and his Manager ,Terry O'Brien when they joined the Richard Thompson 2004 UK Tour as 'Special Guest' The first night I watched Jim I said wow this is certainly special! The songs were Traditional English but the feel which Jim had given them was truly his alone. It reminded me of the young Richard Thompson in the way he had given the music his own passion. He was barely out of University and had already been awarded the BBC Folk Award for Best Album plus the Horizon Award recognising his innovative approach to music making.

In 2005 I joined Jim and his band for the Jim Moray 4 2005 Tour. If you want to experience innovation and pure talent from every band member look out for the Jim Moray 4. The last gig I did with Jim was at St Martins Church in Birmingham really nice acoustics in that building coupled with Jims sounds it was truly an experience you should not have missed!

Jim is always busy with his own music as well as many other projects one of which was Producer of James Raynards album 'Strange Histories' released in September 2005. Jim plays piano, concertina, bouzouki and found sound on this album which has been voted No.6 in the Mojo Best Folk Album of the Year.



I first met Elle (pronounced Elly) when she supported Jim Moray at the Komedia in Brighton. Absolutely loved her set and since that time have watched her progress. Beautiful sound both voice and violin, sweet yet profoundly moving.

Elle was performing with a sound artist from London ~ Melanie Wilson way back in 2006 and this week at The Beacon in Hastings we met up again! Hooray. She has a brand new album release called 'It's Not Your Gold Shall Entice me'.
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