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Jeb and I met on the Richard Thompson Tour in January February of 2006. Jeb was support to the dynamic duo of Richard Thompson and Danny Thompson.

This was a very successful Tour and it is thanks in part to Jeb for his excellent songwriting and his stage presence. He won the hearts of most of the ladies in the audience and the men raved about his lyrics.

Jeb lives in Wales with his lovely wife Lorraine and finds time around his busy schedule of music and art to grow organic produce.


Management - Alan Bearman Music


Jan ’07 issue – Fly – ‘Knapp’s voice is the kind that will draw big interest’

Feb ’07 issue – Mojo – review - ‘A major discovery’ ***

Mar 18th - Observer– review – ‘It’s easy to see why this young singer is the toast of the folk scene…her vocals, like those of Anne Briggs, come across as strange and stirring as a spring day.’

Mar 23rd – The Sun – review – Four star review **** ‘A new and vital member of the folk scene, a rare talent with both voice and fiddle.’

March – BBC Folk website – review – ‘Fragile vocals with a wayward charm’

April - Uncut - review – May issue – *** ‘Knapp’s spidery, emotive voice is likely to prick up anyone’s ears…Knapp sounds like a young Maddy Prior with the girlish inflection of Bjork….’

***Wednesday, February 26, 2014 We are delighted to announce that out of the triple nominations she received this year Lisa has won a BBC Radio 2 Folk Award for Best Original Song for her track Two Ravens from the new album Hidden Seam. Not only was the award presented by the fabulous American singer/songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman, the ceremony was closed by a rousing chorus where all guests were asked on stage to join with Peggy Seeger in rememberence of Pete Seeger! It really was the stuff of great memories.***


I first heard about Louis through my dear friend, Barbara Sedassy who knew Louis in their early years at Falmouth Art College.

Nowadays he leads a very busy life as a painter, and a superb singer/songwriter and guitar player.

In 1979, his brother Jem joined the line-up on harmonica, and the Turpin Brothers blues band was born. Jack Peach, a well-known session drummer, played at several early gigs and soon became a permanent member of the band. Derek Heffernan on electric lead guitar joined the band in 1980 to complete the regular line-up.

The venues expanded to include festivals and Universities. They featured several times at The Black Horse Festival, Telham and at Canterbury University. The Turpin Brothers blues band played regular gigs in pubs and clubs and private functions in London, Brighton and around the South-East until late 1997.

Still gigging, recording and writing, Louis has been privileged to record in some wonderful recording studios over the recent years.

'Life After Lunch' was recorded at Sir Paul McCartney's Hog Hill Studio in 2002. 'The Allotment Tapes' and the most recent CD 'House on the Hill' were both recorded at Chris Difford and Elvis Costello's Heliocentric Studios.

The band line up is still flexible but usually includes either Roger Hubbard or Derek Heffernan and the gigs radiate out from East Sussex to Kent and Surrey. The only criteria is that he expects to get home to be in the painting studio the following day.

Also there are those rare treats when 'The Turpin Brothers' play together too.

Check out our Tours 2 tab for tour dates and Louis's paintings too.


Watch Michael play with Richard Thompson Band Cropredy 2007 WOW!

'I love to laugh and enjoy life.'

'One of my earliest memories of exploration was whacking on the keys of my mother’s baby grand piano with rhythm sticks until bits of original ivory had noticeably and successfully been chipped away. I was 3 years old..'

'Seemed like the right thing to do at the time. It just kept making those crazy low-tone/high-tone popping noises hit after hit.'

'Been Slammin' Ever Since!!! Onward and Upward MY FRIENDS!!!'

That's Michael a joy to travel with and even more joy to experience his drums!

Michael plays drums with Richard Thompson when we go out on 'Band' or 'TRIO' gigs. He is the calibre of band member which everyone should have on their tours, always on time, ready to help with the most menial tasks, and his music talents speak for themselves.

Michael is the one of the very few drummers in my life who can compare with my dear friend Liam Genockey,and that to me is a very big compliment.


Rebecca a singer and songwriter which I have finally had the pleasure to experience, and it was well worth the wait. We met at an art exhibition given by my other dear friend Jeb Loy Nichols and we talked about her music and agreed to keep in touch which surprisingly we have.

She lives in London with her husband, Andy Hamill and their daughter Ruby (who is featured on Rebeccas' latest release as a bonus track). Rebecca is the daughter of visual artists and grew up first in West London and then in very rural West Somerset where she started writing songs at a tender age.

In January 2008 'Orange Roses' was released "mellow, melodic songs with a country tinge". It was produced by Andy Hamill, and features, Andy Hamill (Bass), Mike Outram (guitar), Phil Peskett (piano), Tom Gordon (drums) and also Julian Ferraretto (violin, viola and string arrangements). Jeb Loy Nichols designed the cover.

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At two years old Charlie Winston decided to move from Cornwall so he convinced his folk singing parents to buy a Hotel in East Anglia, precocious or what!

In 1997 he finished his music course at Brunel University, which had nurtured a very serious relationship with the piano. He then began what he calls 'his apprenticeship' into the music industry.

Over the last decade Charlie Winston has developed himself in all areas of his craft. He has composed music for theatre and film, and he is also an accomplished bass and percussion player. His wide ranging voice can be heard alongside other artists such as Daniel Powter & Tom Baxter

Charlie has made numerous TV appearances and has toured all over the UK, Europe and the USA, building up a sizable fan base of his own.


Joe D'Urso is one of the most talented singer/songwriters I have met. We first started talking in Tarrytown, USA. We met while I was on Tour with Richard Thompson in the USA in 2003. We talked about his own music career and agreed to meet up again when he next visited the UK. Joe has a very large fan base in the UK and Europe and of course the USA. Watch the Tour page for his up todate news.

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