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Some images of our diverse archive!
What a show! You should have been there!
Guano Poundhammer-Domestic Bliss-Buy this Cult Classic at our Market Stall

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Another amazing gig with Richard Thompson and DannyThompson with Tour Manager extraordinaire, Simon Tassano, at the Euritmix Festival, Grand Platz Brussels.
Can't get the staff!! Jack T and Janet with Richard Thompson and Danny Thompson at the Queens Hall Edinburgh Festival. Actually Jack was a great assistant.

How about this for a photograph! A Painting? A piece of art just like Danny's performance.

Photography Jim McKelvey

Paul Crockford, Dannys Manager


Frank Black and the Catholics Merchandise Stand. On the road with Frank, November 2003, just before the Pixies reunited and burst forth on the scene again.

Frank is now the proud Daddy of Jack Errol born January 7th 2005.


Darrell Scott and DannyThompson

in Nashville - doing what they do best!

Photography Jim McKelvey

Paul Crockford, Dannys Manager

Richard Thompson and Danny Thompson Pete Zorn and Michael Jerome at the Sage, Gateshead during the recent UK 2007 Tour with Richard Thompson.

PhotographyPeter Chick

Paul Crockford, Dannys Manager

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