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Stormy T featuring Jem Turpin on that harmonica...
Stormy T featuring Jem Turpin on that harmonica... 2018 Eastbourne
Broadoak Sessions Turpin & Walker
Harvey Summers great sessions at his studio.....Jem Turpin, Vocals and Harmonica and Jes Walker Guitar, Vocals...November 8th 2014
Louis Turpin edited by Silas Money
Video for the Turpin - Hubbard Band song Heading Out To Sea taken from the new album. Most of the footage was originally shot at Falmouth by Louis Turpin in the 1960's and has now been brought together into what you see before you by Silas Money. Louis Turpin - Vocals Roger Hubbard - Guitar Phil Law - Keyboard Colin Gibson - Base Bruce Allen - Drums Silas Money - Video
John Pearson and Outriders 'The Live Room'
EPISODE 2 AT BROADOAK STUDIOS 'THE LIVE ROOM' This time we have long time friend and collaborator of Harvey Summers, "John Pearson", performing here with "The Outriders", harpist Jem Turpin and drummer Sacha Trochet. John and Harvey have worked together for some 15 years, notably on John's recent albums, "Eucalypso Furioso" and "Coal In The Soul", both recorded here at Broadoak. John (JP to his friends) has lived one hell of an interesting life which has influenced his unique brand of ragtime, blues and gospel songs. Here, along with an amazing live performance, John talks to Harvey about his music, it's history and some of his extraordinary expirences.
John Martyn Solid AIr Transatlantic Sessions 1998
John Martyn and Danny Thompson Transatlantic Sessions 2 1998
May You Never-John Martyn-Celtic Connections 95/96
From Transatlantic Sessions series 1 (1995/6)
bass: Danny Thompson
dobro: Jerry Douglas
Vocals: Kathy Mattea
Richard Thompson Electric Trio
Richard Thompson Electric Trio recorded on February 5, 2013 at Joe's Pub in New York City.

Michael Jerome Drums, Taras Prodaniuk Electric Bass
The Anteaters-The Orchestra That Fell To Earth
The Anteaters play "Tropic of Cancer" at the Cafe 'Ole! The Anteaters/The Orchestra That Fell To Earth , (artists formerly of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra), are left to right: Jennifer Maidman, Steve Fletcher, Geoffrey Richardson, Liam Genockey and Annie Whitehead. Playing at Broadstairs Folk Week on August 9th 2009.
Purple Haze Like you've never heard it before!

The Young at Heart Chorus

Tom Baxter-Better
Sam Semple writes: For a few years now, I have written songs with Tom Baxter, a great artist and a great friend. When we can, we get together to write, have a laugh and hang out. We’ve also talked more seriously about eventually writing ‘ten classic songs’ or ‘standards’ together. But it’s all done in a relaxed manner. No pressure. Some food, some wine… One song we wrote together is called ‘Better’. It’s a simple ballad. This did well in Ireland for Tom and eventually Boyzone covered it. This is the original version by Tom.
Richard Thompson Band 'Hard on Me'
You Tube -Richard Thompson Band - Cropredy August 2007

Pete Zorn, Danny Thompson, Michael Jerome

Photo: Art Kusunoki

Richard Thompson Trio - Austin City Limits
You Tube - Richard Thompson on Austin City Limits

With Danny Thompson and Michael Jerome

Check Out 'Halls Of The Machine" Michael Jerome and Mike Graff album buy it now at our market stall

Liam Genockey-Steeleye Span
You Tube - Steeleye Span Cropredy 2006
Frank Black and The Catholics-Reading 2001
You Tube - Frank Black - Reading - 2001 - Hermaphraditos is My Name

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