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CD - Toph Smith - Sweet Jesus
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All songs written by Toph Smith

1. Don't Turn Away
2. Does She Know?
3. Para Ti
4. Just A Boy
5. Ever Since Syd
6. Sweet Lullaby
7. Let It Go
8. Mississippi Meltdown
9. Oh No!
10.She's OK Anyway
11.Sweet Jesus
12.Columbian Sleazebag

Musicians: Toph Smith - Acoustic, Electric, Slide, Steel and Baritone guitars, Piano Dobro, Percussion, Bass and Vocals
Henry Smith - Bass Guitar, Double Bass
Patrick Piero - Trumpets
Kev Morgan - Trombone
Jem Turpin - Harmonica
Paul Gibbon - Piano and Organ
Dave Webster - Saxaphone
Olly R J - Drums
Al Palmer - Double Bass
Bob Mace - Drums
Carl Chamberlain - SIngle Electric Guitar Note
Steve Zodiac - Percussion

Runner-George Smith
Mixing and Mastering - Steve Hall & Toph Smith
Produced by Toph Smith
Big thanx to: Suna, Rod Smith (mi maestro!!) & Mark, June @ Christina at Tradwind.
Gracias a Karin para la esel-schei Be para mi Naranjas.
Dedicated to the memories of Madeline Mulloy & Bugger Smith