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CD - Turpin & Walker  Ain't No Stoppin' Now
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Jem Turpin : Harmonica and Vocals
Jez Walker : Guitar, Cigar-Box Guitar, Vocals and Second Harmonica (tracks 3,7&11)


1. When I'm With You - Jez Walker
2. Gotta Make It Pay Somehow - Jem Turpin
3. Doodlin' Harps - Turpin & Walker
4. You Gotta Move - Fred McDowell
5. Idlin' Thoughts - Jem Turpin
6. Travellin' Man - Jez Walker
7. Coming Back To You For More - Jem Turpin
8. Stop Breaking Down - Robert Johnson
9. Keep Things Tight - Jem Turpin
10. One Cool Vibe - Jez Walker
11. Port Shuffle - Turpin & Walker

Tracks 3,4,7,8,& 11 recorded live in Studio
Tracks 1,2,3,5,6,9,10 Recorded and Mixed by Joe Rytlewski
at Joe's Place
Tracks 4,7,8,11 recorded and mixed by Harvey Summers Broad Oak Studios Contact:

Jem Turpin: Laceysjam
Jez Walker: (All guitars made by Jez Walker)
Cover Artwork: Jem Turpin