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CD - Buick 6 - Live At The Telegraph

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1. From a Buick 6 (Dylan)

2. Few Of Your Lines (Fred McDowell)

3. Nobodys Fault But Mine (Willie Johnson)

4. Travelling Riverside Blues (Robert Johnson)

5. In My Time Of Dyin' (Trad. Arr.)

6. Nothin' Left To Lose (Hubbard)

7. Hellbound On My Trail (Robert Johnson)

8. Shiftin' Sand (Hubbard, Gibson,Genockey)

9. No Bed Of Roses (Hubbard)

10. Barrelhouse Woman (Leroy Carr)

11. Jitterbug Swing (Booker White)

12. Sugarcane Train (Hubbard/Gibson/Genockey)

Roger Hubbard - Guitar, Mandolin and Vocals

Liam Genockey - Drums, Backup Vocals

Colin Gibson - Fender BAss, Backup Vocals

Produced by Buick 6 and Sean Genockey at Brooks Blues Bar, The Telegraph, Putney Hill- May 2007

Mixed and Mastered by Sean Genockey and Ed @ Black Dog Studios London